George at Asda finally catching our jute bags up!!

George at Asda has announced that all of its ladies' handbags are now 100% vegan and certified by The Vegan Society.

Some really good (sorry we mean great!) news that from now on all of the George at Asda ladies bags are going to be vegan friendly with no animal testing, animal-derived products, or animal cruelty in the bags or supply chain - just like our huge range of reusable jute shopping bags!  

As you already know, here at These Bags Are Great towers we want as few animal products being used as possible... we're not militant vegans, but have reduced our personal animal product usage by well over 95% in the last couple of years, mostly driven by seeing the calves playing in the snow opposite our house (the cutest thing!) and by our true desire to have less of an impact on the environment.

That's why we absolutely ensure that our own supply chain is completely cruelty free, uses AZO-free dyes and no nasty chemicals, and that our bags are long-lasting so we can avoid using plastic wherever possible.

And lets be honest, buying gifts for loved ones can be so difficult nowadays (don't we sound old!) so our range of quirky jute shoppers with over 110 different designs make for a really easy, thoughtful gift that will be really appreciated.

We'll blog another time on our take on meat, local produce, food miles etc etc as it is clearly a very nuanced issue, but today we're happy that Asda are doing their bit!

Take care of each other x


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